Zineer Media is a one man company specializing in web application programming.

At the moment I am not actively seeking new clients. Feel free to contact me if you're not on a deadline, but I am not currently taking on any short term clients.

Why would you consider using a one man shop when there are huge companies out there who can do the same work for you?
Direct Support
When you call or email Zineer Media, you'll be dealing with the owner of the company as well as the person who performed your work; who better to solve your problems! When you call the big companies, you end up talking to some support person who is usually the least knowledgeable and lowest paid person at the company.
Customer Service
For me, keeping every single customer happy is my highest priority. You're my only source of income, and if you're not satisfied, then I'm not making any money. Plus I won't be getting the business of your friends either. For the big companies, you're just a number and if you decide you're not happy with their service, they have hundreds of other customers to make their ends meet.
Meaningful Response Time
If you send me an email, you won't get an instant automated response, but you'll very quickly get an answer that will actually answer your questions.
When you contact me to report a software bug, chances are it'll be fixed by the next day.
And if you have a feature request, most likely it will be added.
With the big corporations, you usually have to email back and forth to get a good answer, and if you want a bug fixed or feature added, it has to make its way through all the levels of management and QA before being released to you, and that's if they deem it worthy of their time.
Support Small Local Business
Help keep the money in the local economy, reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint and help support your community!
Studies show when you spend $100 at a local retailer, $68 of that stays in our community. Spend the same $100 at a national chain, and our community only sees $43. Also, local businesses donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.